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Sarah "QueenKoopa" Drew

Sarah QueenKoopa Drew Sarah Drew is an award winning cosplayer from Central Arkansas. Cosplaying since 2013, she has completed over 2 dozen costumes from multiple genres. Some of her most recognized characters include Bowser (Super Mario Bros.), Dr. Doom (Marvel comics), Pam Poovey (Archer), Lady Thor and Lady Loki (Marvel comics), and a handful of Disney costumes (Princess Belle, Snow White, Scar). A firm believer that cosplay is for everyone, she hopes to promote body positivity and inspire people of all races and sizes to cosplay any characters they love.


Robby Musso

Robby Musso Robby Musso is a New Orleans born and raised professional artist with a lifelong passion for comics, toys, animation, and giant robots. He is best known for his work on popular comic titles such as Transformers and Speed Racer for IDW Publishing and Fun Publications. In addition to drawing comics and sequential art, he also works on special assignments for Hasbro Toys, providing pre-production concept, and production art for several of their flagship toylines including Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Star Wars. Robby is also a regularly contributing artist for the New Orleans based annual anime convention, Mecha Con. To follow Robby’s art updates and general whereabouts, please visit, Robby Musso on Facebook and also on deviantArt as username “REX-203.”


Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison Since attending Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City, Michelle has remained one of the more sought after actresses in Canada. She has appeared in over 80 movies and TV shows, sharing the screen with a list of talented actors including: Sir Ben Kingsley, Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Currently seen as Nora Allen on CW's The Flash, fans immediately took a liking to her character -- whom they've dubbed "Mama Flash" -- featured in some of the most heart-wrenching and highest-rated episodes of the series!

The series recently won the Saturn Awards’ "Best Superhero Adaption TV Series" as well as the 2017 Teen Choice for "Action TV Show." Audiences may recognize Michelle from hit shows such as: House, Cold Case, Navy NCIS, Emily Owens M.D., Continuum, Supernatural, The L Word, Stargate Universe, Eureka, & Fringe. Popular movies include: Paycheck, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Love Happens, Good Luck Chuck, The Invisible, and 40 Days & 40 Nights.

On her time off, Michelle fronts a band called Ginger 66 & spends time with her family on a little island in the Pacific Northwest.


Michael Tierney

Michael TierneyMichael has been an independent publisher since 1977, best known for his long-running series of Wild Stars comics, novels, and portfolios. He has been a regular contributor to Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, and his recent release of a 4-volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology saw huge advance sales. He has also been a local comics retailer in Little Rock and North Little Rock since 1982 and an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor since the 1990s, with over a 1,000 articles, reviews, trendwatcher and market reports in print.


Jesse Wittenrich

Jesse WittenrichJesse was born and raised in Western New York, just outside of Buffalo. Educated in graphic design, he begin his career creating marketing and sales material before finding a way to embrace his inner fan by becoming a contract artist and writer for Fun Publications, Inc. He has created a number of Transformers and G.I. Joe comics and prose stories, even dabbling in toy design for Club and Convention exclusive figures. You can find out more about Jesse on Twitter, Facebook, and on deviantArt under the name RID-NightViper


Jon Mastajwood Woodard

Jon Mastajwood Woodard Jon Mastajwood Woodard is a comic book illustrator based out of NW Arkansas. His work has been published by companies like After Shock Comics(Fu Jitsu #1 Variant Cover Artist), Dynamite Comics(Red Sonja #10) , and Alterna Comics(IF Anthology). His most recent work being a variant cover for Fu Jitsu #1.He's currently working on a project with Marvel and Upper Deck. Originally getting his start compositing various seasons of hit TV shows like AXE COP and MAJOR LAZER, Mastajwood now works mainly in comics.


Blake Foster

Blake Foster Blake Foster is perhaps best known for his role as Justin Stewart, the child who assumed the mantle of the Blue Turbo Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo, making his debut for the show in the movie Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Foster reprised the role in an episode of Power Rangers In Space.

Blake began training in American Tang Soo Do style karate, under 9th degree black belt Tom Bloom, at age 4 and received his black belt on December 15, 1996. He currently holds a 2nd degree black belt.


Timothy Lim

Timothy LimTimothy Lim (NINJAINK, LLC) is a freelance professional illustrator and cover artist whose major work includes Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Street Fighter X GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe, Optimus Prime, Transformers: Lost Light, and Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything for IDW. He has also done cover work for James Bond by Dynamite, Archer & Armstrong for Valiant, and assorted covers for Counterpoint Comics.

His most recent cover work includes "Star Wars Adventures" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ghostbusters Volume 2" for IDW and "Bloodshot: Salvation" for Valiant.

For over seven years he has produced licensed artwork for Marvel, Lucasfilm, Hasbro, and Valve for We Love Fine. His work has also appeared on the 2017 Marvel Premier sketch cards for Upper Deck, in the Calvin & Hobbes documentary "Dear Mr. Watterson," and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,"

You may have seen his artwork and pinups in a number of UDON Entertainment titles, including Street Fighter Tribute, Mega Man Tribute, CAPCOM Fighting Tribute, and most recently in Street Fighter Versus Darkstalkers. He has also designed plush rabbits and guinea pigs for

He is the co-author, creator, and illustrator of this year's #1 Amazon best-seller, "THUMP: The First Bundred Days" and "My Hero MAGAdemia" with co-creator Mark Pellegrini and "Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel" editor and colorist Brett R. Smith. Currently he is working on “Black Hops: USA-*-GI” and an unannounced project with Chuck Dixon for Antarctic Press.

Lim is a Little Rock native who spends his time between Arkansas and Texas with his wife and five rabbits.


Kelly Williams

Kelly WilliamsIn Kelly’s own words lol

Lets just say the bio is "Kelly Williams makes comics". He did a TMNT cover once and drew some WWE comics a couple times. Mostly known for his work on EERIE, CREEPY, THE CABINET and METAPHASE.


Dusty Higgins

Dusty HigginsIn Dusty Higgins is an award-winning magazine and newspaper cartoonist and illustrator. He broke into comics in 2009 with Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, chosen as one of the year's top ten graphic novels by the Young Adult Library Services Association. His recent works include art credits for the Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape series of young adult hybrid graphic novels for Simon and Schuster and the digital exclusive Valkyrie Beer Delivery series for Stela.

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